How long did it take to formulate Adapt?

It took several years and countless failures to formulate Adapt.

How pure is Adapt?

The ingredients in a liquid product are rated on a scale of 1-10. If the ingredient is a 1, it is as pure as an ingredient can be. All ingredients in Adapt are a 1.

Are there other products coming in the future?

We are releasing new skin care products shortly.

We have an acid gel that will soon be released. It is recommended that you use the gel twice weekly. The gel exfoliates and stimulates the collagen layers in your skin.

We are also releasing a skin serum. The serum will nourish and support healthy tissue growth.

We are also releasing an additional skin care product that we will talk about more as the Launch Conference approaches.

All of our products work from the inside out. Their effects are not just superficial.

Can you give Adapt to a horse?

Adapt works wonderfully on horses. We have actually developed a supplement for horses that contains the ingredients in Adapt. The results have been remarkable. We do not have this product on the market yet.

Adapt also works well for just about any animal! We’ve had many users try Adapt on their dogs, cats, cattle- you name it! We have had a lot of success using Adapt on animals.

Is it possible for Adapt to make you sleep worse before it makes you feel better?

Yes! However, if this happens there is a simple solution: take Adapt at a different time in the day. If you are taking Adapt in the morning, switch to the evening (or vice versa).

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