Shannon’s Story

I was introduced to the product through Rhonda. She knew I struggled with thyroid issues, severe allergies and Hashimoto’s disease. I had seen countless endocrinologists and tried just about everything. Nothing really worked. I decided on a whim to give the product a try. I was amazed at the results Rhonda had with it, but didn’t expect much to happen for me.

I have now been taking the product for eleven weeks. It took a while, but I feel like a new person! I did not have instantaneous results like a lot of people do, but I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. The results were subtle and gradual, but life-changing for me.

I started noticing that I no longer needed to take Ibuprofen three times daily. My dosage has gone down significantly. I also noticed I no longer need to take allergy medications. I no longer have migraines, body aches and the pains I had before starting Adapt. I also feel like my brain fog has lifted and I am thinking and feeling better than ever. This product is incredible.

My husband has trouble sleeping. He started taking Adapt around the same time I did. Now he sleeps like a baby. I also found it interesting that he is no longer snoring at night.

I also gave the product to my parents. My father is now sleeping better than ever and my mother says she has more energy than she’s had in years! Adapt has helped me and my family so much.

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