What are some of the key ingredients in Auera?

Well, first and foremost, our patented adaptenols are on of the key ingredients in Auera!

Auera also contains a family of peptides that mimic botox. They allow the skin to relax naturally and cause a beautiful smoothing effect on your skin.

Luxurious Chinese pearl powder is also found in Auera. Pearl powder contains a number of amino acids, many trace minerals and a high concentration of calcium. In Chinese medicine, it is used for detox and to treat inflammation. It also helps your skin develop a beautiful, natural glow.

Auera contains sodium hyaluronate instead of hyaluronic acid. How is sodium hyaluronate different than hyaluronic acid (a popular ingredient in countless skin products)?

Sodium hyaluronate is a smaller molecular than hyaluronic acid, so it is able to move freely into deeper layers of the skin.  Sodium hyaluronate is also a humectant, making it a powerful skin moisturizer.

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