All Calls Cancelled This Week

All calls are cancelled this week. We will start a brand new calls schedule next week. More info will come soon regarding this schedule!

New Technology

We have new PowerPoint presentations we have created for you and your teams to use. We also have a brand new app that encompasses three main functions: promotes a practice of daily gratitude, tracking your climb and tracking your results with our products. The app is currently in beta version. Download the app and send us your suggestions! The app is in the app store now. It is called “The Arego Life”.

We are also releasing a brand new website shortly! We are sure you’ll love the look and feel.

New Back Office

We are so excited to announce that we are moving to a new back office. Please bear with us the next few weeks as we make the transition. We are sure you will love the new back office as much as we do!

To learn about the other upcoming changes, listen to the call!

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